OKSTRA Internationalization – OKSTRA Road Design Model translated in English

The German OKSTRA standard (Objektkatalog für das Strassen- und Verkehrswesen = Object catalog for road and traffic related data) unifies the data description of objects from traffic engineering and contains a data model for alignment data. It is owned by BASt (German Federal Highway Research Institute) and distributed under an open license that permits its use for commercial projects. The main design goal of OKSTRA is the simple data exchange between different applications that implement the standard.

The OKSTRA standard was developed for the German market. As such, the official XSD schema specifies all identifiers in German and the documentation is also only available in German. This limits its potential to be considered as a good candidate for an international standard. This project provides a first translation of a subset of the OKSTRA standard to make it internationally accessible to experts from other countries. Since road design is being targeted in current developments by organizations such as buildingSMART or the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), this translation focuses primarily on road design.

Report, examples and further information:

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