Definition of methods and proof-of-concept for a converter software to produce OKSTRA objects for the road asset documentation out of road design data sets

The objective of the R&D project is the theoretical analysis and the practical proof of how to permit the usage of road design data for road asset documentation without media discontinuity. The theoretical part comprises the review of existing research results and the analysis of the actual situation concerning the transport of road design data to asset documentation. Identified discontinuities may be prevented either by the optimization of workflows, or by the harmonization of data structures and rules for data acquisition, or by the digital conversion of the data objects without modification of existing data structures or guidelines. These approaches complement each other. The detailed analysis of these shows a number of obstacles that can be removed by technical and organizational measures. The use of converters is possible as is shown by a practical demonstration. Considerations regarding the costeffectiveness of the proposed process complete the project. As a result a number of recommendations for action are given. Current developments regarding building information modeling and management were also taken into consideration.


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