Development of a Process for the Ameliorated Access of Road Data Needed for Maps Used in ITS

The main result of the R&D project is a concept for providing static road data for ITS services. The concept takes into account the requirements of ITS as well as the actual situation and workings of the administrative bodies that shall provide the data.
The road data important for ITS is to be encoded according to the German OKSTRA®. This is an established standard the practical application of which is facilitated by a number of freely available software tools. There are some extensions necessary the project has pointed out.
Also necessary will be the use of a method for dynamic location referencing. OpenLR has come up as a proven and open method of choice. The providers should use a homogenous road network to generate the location references. The coming "Integrationsnetz Straße" will readily provide for this. Software to compute the network references needs to be centrally commissioned and operated by the federal bodies of Germany.
The German MDM service for road and traffic data was envisaged as national access point and has proved capable for this task. Aside from the facility to physically deliver the data it offers the research capability required. A feedback channel to report data problems needs to be implemented by specially designed MDM feedback form.
The administrative bodies to provide data usable by ITS have quite different organizational and technical structures and also keep different subsets of types of data needed. There is, however, available a quite large quantity of data of use. Every administrative provider of OKSTRA®-encoded data by means of the MDM shall create a coordinating organizational unit and a corresponding workflow for this task. To facilitate this, a support unit needs to be established within an organization apt for this.
As a final statement, the task of providing road data usable for ITS services is seen to be possible with manageable financial and organizational resources.

Executive report:

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The report in German: FE03 0500-2012-irb_Schlussbericht_v-1-0.pdf.

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